|| Rico Newtoñ: The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. || August 15 - August 27 | PERFORMANCE: August 14h, 6 - 9 pm |

All migrants are rapists and drug dealers. All of them want to take over the world and all the things it include. That’s the reason you love them, as you ceased to have any ambition and repressed all your hate and anger since your yoga teacher told you how hate and anger is bad for your chakra. Migrants have no chakras, so they are the future. 

You stay in your non-migrant situation as you stay in the park: throwing crumbles to pigeons and squirrels. Pigeons and squirrels are the future, and you’re running out of crumbles. You don’t understand all that world: pigeons, squirrels, migrants… They look scary under certain light, I mean, when there’s no sunlight and they don’t look funny and picturesque anymore.

Yes, you love all these stories of migrants, because in these stories they are all bad and exotic. You buy tickets that fuel the Hollywood industry and make all those white yuppies feel the most amazing smartasses ever born. 

Al Pacino is a New Yorker from a Sicilian family arrived from Corleone (what a delicious coincidence, isn’t it?) playing a Cuban Anti-Castro refugee called Tony Montana (who the hell has such a name in Cuba?) who build an empire of coke and murder to, sorry to tell you, get killed by his enemies (mostly other migrants with weird afros and collars) in a delicious last scene of mayhem and slaughter in Scarface, the leitmotiv of this show that we are kindly inviting you to attend and enjoy at Selecto.

I know you’re not a rapist nor a drug dealer. And I know that because migrants don’t go to art shows. Well, this is about an art show, one by amazing LA icon Rico Newtoñ, a guy with several names and fake ID’s. A veteran migrant from Hell, fascinated with all this things that go from dick and pussy to cut ears to, now, this Hollywood migrant who’s a killer and has a name that migrants only have in Hollywood films. Rico Newtoñ has no chakras at all.

Listen, spiritual beings, please let me tell you something to add injury to insult: the problem with your karmatic balance is that you refuse to incorporate alterity in your life. Yes, al-te-ri-ty, that’s to say, this radical otherness that breaks the possibility for self-identification and collective identities. Alterity breaks the notions of in and out, of owning and knowing, of being and refuse, creating a space of permanent indecidability between your own ego and this “it” constituted by all those other “others” around you. All those “others” deep inside your repressed fantasies of violence and ambition. All those others you invent to make your life exciting, as if you were a brave survivor in a world populated of zombies, monsters, Austrian-on-steroids androids from the future, pigeons and migrants from all those semi-countries down there.

Critical re-enactments have been used for decades as a valuable tool to produce spaces of cultural transaction and power-dynamics deconstruction, where the oppressor and the oppressed can clearly see their own gestures and positions on stage, creating transitory communities and fraternities structured not by sympathy but, better, by the evidence of a shared abjection.

The psychological space of our racist fantasies has to be, then, critically put in evidence, has to be dismantled, has to be translated into versions written in foreign and unknown languages with several subtitles and captions powerfully structured to break our security, our certainty. We need to break our understanding, we need some isolation, we have to feel momentarily estranged, at least until everything becomes a mistery of light and shadows, of blood and guts, and then there’s a little chance for communion. Otherwise, we’re never going to stop being assholes.

We are absolutely pleased to invite you to join us at Selecto, this Friday, August 14th, for The Last Time You Gonna See a Bad Guy Like This Again, Let Me Tell You, a fabulous three-hour performance by Rico Newtoñ, starting at 6:00 pm sharp at our famous underground, multi-migrant, exotic venue on 6th and Bonnie Brae, a former ghetto now in frank “recuperation.”

Don’t miss this show, please risk your life and come with us. You’re gonna be fine.