|| Hugo Hopping & Tyler Rowland: Doublejim || CLOSING RECEPTION: July 3rd, 6 - 9 pm | ARTIST TALK: Agoraphobia / Tyler Rowland: 7:15 pm | PRINT RELEASE: Este Putazo / Hugo Hopping 8:15 pm |


Tyler will present a new lecture about his work centering around the idea of agoraphobia -- "a fear of the market." Vegetable or fruit, bull or bear, meat or seafood, stock or farmer's, black or free, art or fashion, media or futures ... a market is a physical and ephemeral gathering place to buy and sell goods and services (legally and illegally) when the economy is either up or down. It is a measurement < = > a tool to set the current going rate of any commodity or activity ~~~~ constantly fluctuating ~~~~ but supposedly always based on the social forces of supply and demand.

Print Release: Este Putazo / Hugo Hopping 

In keeping up with the Joneses, Selecto will be presenting and releasing a limited edition print by Hugo Hopping. This silk-screen print has been specially made as part of an effort to steer conversations regarding art, language, place, market and interpretation. As a self-standing artwork, the print is an extension and translation of the artwork currently in the show.