|| Margarethe Drexel & Maximilian Bauer: The World as Will and Representation || May 17 - May 23 | OPENING RECEPTION: May 16th, 6 - 9 pm |


I apologize to start this message with a tricky question, but please, let me ask you something: what do you do when you have absolute power? Have you ever feel this, even for a second? I mean, when you blink and then you realize that you’re in the right moment and the perfect position to do whatever you want, especially to someone else. Do you know this? Do you ever experience this pervasive sensation to have complete domain over the other? Let’s say, a master before a crowd of eager pupils expecting to be illuminated, or a mother confronting the remorseful son right after being caught in major fault. Have you ever been the master or the mom?

What do you do when you are in the situation to give a lesson, to impose a view, to conquer a land, to win a match? What can you do with other’s disposition to submit to your power?

I ask you about it since I feel confused when I’m the one ruling a situation.

Don’t you ever think about the absolute dependent, the weakest, the one who accept your unlimited power without a shadow of a doubt? Don’t you feel strange before the one who surrenders without struggle? Don’t you find yourself in a completely uncomfortable situation once your invincibility is revealed?

And what about the one who ignores that you are unable to even take care of yourself but, nevertheless, trust you to the point to put his or her life in your hands as if it was as simple as a children’s board game?

Well, I think about it.

And then, the thought about my power dissolves that power in hesitation. So, the other, the one who abandoned from the beginning his or her will for the sake of mine’s, reveals powerful and perfect, surrounded by the beautiful aura of his or her absolute trust, of his or her infinite fragility, impossible to be broken by any other’s power, by no action of whatever force.

This situation reveals a space in between, a moment where power collapse and both master and pupil resign to every possible position, becoming a very deep void or an unnamed lacking.

I call this a relationship. Or a miracle.

And both are impossible to be represented.

Please, abandon yourself to our confusing power and bring your vulnerability to Selecto, where Margarethe Drexel and Maximilian Bauer will show you the World as Will and Representation.

Drinks to be served, fun to be provided, conflicts and turbulent thoughts to be enacted.