|| Andrés Felipe Uribe: Third Law of Motion || May 3 - May 9 | OPENING RECEPTION: May 2nd, 6 - 9 pm |

Dear Selecto’s,

By chance or by fate, life puts two bodies together. These bodies approach to each other, repel each other, caress each other, roll next to the other, coexist with this significant other. Each one of these bodies is impacted by life or by chance or by fate in very particular ways, but somehow they figured a way to remain together; life takes them as a pack of two, as a flock of two or a school of two, coordinating the reverberation of one into the other. These bodies represent a force, they constitute an articulated system and, as part of this system, each one takes care of its place and the place of the other.

By chance or by fate, life put these bodies on the road and the road is long and wide. Life keeps this bodies in movement, and the experience of these bodies on the pathway looks like a big adventure, a big achievement for such a modest couple.

The third law of motion states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. The actions of these two bodies, impacted by life in different ways but structured on the premise to remain together, results in the evidence of a big failure. Traction and attraction exerted over these bodies by a higher power lead them to break the illusion of unity, revealing the intrinsic separation of these two bodies that pretended to be one.

Andrés Felipe Uribe is the first artist in residence at Selecto. Coming from Bogotá, Colombia, where he works as a visual and performance artist, musician and poet, he produced this piece as an endurance project that he supposed to be a commentary on leisure, non-competitive sports, la flânerie, cultural exchange and spleen. The project, suddenly turned into something completely different, reveals the hidden grandiosity of the unexpected twopenny catastrophe.

We are really pleased to invite you to see this show and collide against life as an example of the third law of motion.

We definitely encourage you all to join us this Saturday, May 2nd, and enjoy the first part of this intense week of activities and encounters with the work of this artist, who is, not by chance but by our trascendental will and vision, our first resident.

This show and residency is possible thanks to Ministerio de Cultura (Colombia) and Instituto Distrital de las Artes – Idartes.