|| Regine Rode: Floreana || April 5 - April 25 | OPENING RECEPTION: April 4th, 6 - 9 pm | CLOSING RECEPTION: April 25th, 6 - 9 pm |

Dear Selecto’s,

One of the reasons for a group of individuals to open an artists’ space is, for sure, to point towards new territories. In general, these virgin lands exist as promises, as non regulated territories and, certainly, as opportunities. Without the pressure of the market or the intrinsic stress of institutionality, artists’ spaces articulate their operations on the fertile ground of a utopia. As every other real utopia, the one that pushes forward the vision of an artists’ space, results to be unreachable, and this structural limitation is usually associated with the idea of falseness. People usually say utopia is false since they can’t reach it, but if they could, utopia wouldn’t be utopian anymore.

Then, artists’ spaces organizers are usually pointing ahead while walking, but never reaching the horizon they pointed at the right moment. Always too late or too soon, this frustrating lack of synchronicity is one of the conditions that make spaces to keep going on.

Evidently, artists’ spaces activities are profoundly frustrating: threatened by the practice, bullied by the theory, and betrayed by their own elusive aspirations, the spectrum of what those spaces do is, usually, more the manifestation of a set of contingencies than the foundation of a promised land.

Nevertheless, Selecto–Planta Baja, as mostly other artists’ spaces, keeps walking in search of this promised land. Part tourists, part pilgrims, and part expeditionaries, we keep looking for good soil to point at and, sometimes, we meet other pointing travelers to share news from lands so faraway.

We have the pleasure to invite you to visit Floreana, an exhibition by Regine Rode opening at Selecto this Saturday, April 4th, from 6 to 9 pm.

Regine Rode arrived to L.A. from Munich, almost two semesters ago, in the search of some utopia. As an sculptor/installer, she’s been creating structures to stage her search for a utopian space, and this search assumes the form of a set, of an unreal construction that gives voice to a fantasy, knowing that “fantasy” comes from phantasia, “imagination, appearance” and phantazein, “make visible,” but, at the same time, is close to phantasm, “something that exists only in a person’s mind” and, finally, to phantasten, “the visionary.”

Regine Rode fantasizes and works, and, as soon as the work is done, her production becomes the residue of her fantasy. A fantasy to be left to have the chance to envision it.

Please don’t miss the chance to come to our awful utopian land, right on the basement of a swap meet on 6th Street and Bonny Brae. Sometimes, not adverting what someone is pointing at from the distance, is a way to forget that, even as fueled by frustration, utopia is marching on with us.