|| Beginning of the 'PASSION WEEK' - Screening | Curated by Selecto & Cathrin Bengesser || March 28th, 9pm |

Dear Selectos. 

A hard week lies ahead of us!

Pain, betrayal, sacrifice, blood, death but ultimately believe, salvation and resurrection. The Passion Week leads us through a process of transformation, physically and emotionally. Selecto’s Saturday screening celebrates the beginning of this year’s Passion Week with a look at renderings of these processes in film history, art, music and “the internet”. 

Come & cry with us! 
This time, we are special Guests in East(er) L.A 

736 S St Louis St, Los Angeles, CA 90023. Saturday, 28th of March, 9pm.

(Image: Joseph Anton Koch, Antenora, Illustrations of The Divine Commedy, 1817 – 27)