|| Super Selecto || PUBLICATION RELEASE: March 13th, 7 - 9 pm |

Artists spaces create universes. Taking separate particles, they articulate transitory estructures that produce movement. Functional collectivities are formed for short amounts of time, but even when on a hiatus, the memory of their interactions remains active and significant.

Artist spaces are cosmopolite. Operating from the margins, they introduce new centers and redefine power dynamics in the small. 

Artists spaces take advantage of their precariousness. This precariousness is the most precious jewel of an artists space. The fancy gallery and the respected museum envy the makeshift nature of the artists space, but their imitations are lame.

Artists spaces trust. Even not knowing the other, there’s a mutual trust, there’s a tendency to welcome the alien, the other, the estranged. 

Artists spaces production is not a cultural spectacle. Rejecting the logics of mass production, they produce holes and gaps, and this gaps have the form of an affection. Giving what they don’t have to people who never want to receive it, these spaces of dispossession create excess, and excess is the nature of absolute generosity. 

Elisabeth Haid and Josef Schröck articulated the production of an editorial project connecting two artists spaces which are culturally, economically and geographically separated: Super, in Vienna, Austria, and Selecto – Planta Baja in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, California. Under the form of a something between a zine and a catalogue, they linked artists never supposed to meet. A generous curatorial position without an imposed narrative gave freedom to artist to participate as they wanted. 10 from Vienna and 10 from Los Angeles, so you can see the war, the match and the fraternity. 

We sincerely invite you to come, see, read, and connect.

And, please, buy this publication.

Participating artists:

Michail Michailov
Nika Kupyrova
Herbert De Colle
Ahu Dural
Michael Kral
Hong Zeiss
Michaela Schweighofer
Veronika Burger
Kirsten Borchert
Florian Aschka
Thorben Eggers

Mirjam Thomann
Andrés Felipe Uribe
Raul Baltazar
Renée Petropoulos
Benjamin Weissman
Margarethe Drexel
Isabela Avila
Víctor Albarracín-Llanos
Carmen Argote
Elena Bajo