|| Mike Kelley | Chicano Artist? LECTURE by Hugo Hopping || November 29th, 7 pm |



"The talk was a performance lecture where I explored the "missing" reading behind the work of L.A. artist Mike Kelley. I asked if MK, was a Chicano artist? I gave plenty of examples and speculated on the nature of his work and the environment in which it developed (East Los Angeles). In addition, I pointed out that the artist produced an extensive critique of whiteness through his work and how he mitigated the local through an assimilation (and not appropriation) of Chicano aesthetics. I ended the performance with issuing Mike Kelley a posthumous certificate of citizenship to the Nation of Aztlan. Where an effigy or avatar of Mike Kelley stepped into the space to receive it."

Hugo Hopping, Los Angeles, 2014